E Cigarette Reviews


Vaporizers have become hugely popular all over the world. Partially because no-smoking bans have been introduced in lots of public areas. The push to get people to quit smoking has led to an increase in the use of vaporizers.

These vaporizers are relatively new and it is difficult to determine…

Getting off of cigarettes has been really hard for me because I truly loved to smoke. I still, at times, dream about how it made me feel. Sounds like I would never be successful, doesn’t it? But I have put down cigarettes for good and this is how

Also check out their Pax Vaporizer review for a portable handheld version.

These Vaporizers look really sweet. I think I want to try the Pax Ploom next. My cheapo china made vaporizer is starting to crap out on me…

UTSA kinesiologists, have received a $30,000 seed fund from the University to help investigate the health effects of electronic cigarettes. They will be teaming up with Assistant Professor Caroline Rickards at the University of North Texas to help gather data about the effects of e-cigarettes and the body’s basic physiological health.


I read this post yesterday and loved it. Today we’re featuring these guys as our Site of the Day. Go read the post and then go listen to their music. You’ll love both of them.


I posted a recent Facebook comment regarding our policies with signing artists and found myself getting into a discussion of what the role of an independent label is in 2012, something I’ve often been asked about in interviews but have never really been able to elaborate on.

Basically, it…